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The Story Behind the Icon

To us the Bistro chair represents the start of a fresh and exciting culture in service, hospitality and food. The No. 14 chair, commonly known as the Bistro chair is widely regarded as a design classic after being first developed in 1859 and soon found its way into many homes and establishments with 50 million units sold by 1930 alone.

Parisian cafés served as a centre of social and culinary life in Paris, creating a culture passionate for food, coffee and artisanal items. By the time these cafés were officially known to residents as Bistros, this icon chair was already a permanent fixture in this culinary society thanks to its simple yet beautiful design and affordable price.

This chair represents so much more than a piece of practical furniture to us, it symbolises the foundation of an icon. It is a concept from the old world that has evolved and stood the test of time, making a name for itself in the culinary world through exceptional service and quality.

What are you waiting for? Have a seat at our table.

Inspired by tradition, crafted by society.